Contract Academic Staff Bargaining Unit

The Full-Time Academic Staff Bargaining Unit (FASBU) and the Contract Academic Staff Bargaining Unit (CASBU) are separate bargaining units within the Nipissing University Faculty Association (NUFA) and have separate contracts. CASBU has a current, legal and binding contract with the Employer (the University) and as such CASBU Members are not in a legal strike position.

It depends. The Employer has decided to suspend all on-campus classes for the duration if a strike occurs. Online classes will continue to run.

If you are a full-time CASBU member, you are expected to be at work even if your on-campus classes are not running. Please speak to your Dean about what your duties would be.

If you are a part-time CASBU member who teaches on campus, you do not need to come to campus.

If you are a clinical instructor in Nursing, your classes will still run EXCEPT when they would normally take place on campus. All on-campus classes are suspended.

All CASBU members will continue to be paid per the terms of the CASBU Collective Agreement, which remains in effect even if the Employer has suspended classes.

While you may be delayed entering the university, you will not be prevented from coming to work. If you are comfortable doing so, identify yourself as a CASBU member and demonstrate your support for your fellow NUFA members (e.g., honking, waving, thumbs up, accepting strike pamphlets, donating coffees, wearing buttons of support, etc.)

Remember, if you are a part-time CASBU member who teaches on campus, you are not required to be on campus for the duration of a strike.

All CASBU Members are expected to be available to students via email for the duration of a strike.

Members teaching courses online are to continue with their work as they normally would.

Part-time members whose classes have been suspended are not required to come on campus, but can interact with students through email. Part-time members can accept, grade, and return work, but must remember that students have academic amnesty for the duration of a strike.

Full-time members are expected to be on campus and available to students.

Yes. The CASBU Collective Agreement remains in effect, and the University has confirmed that they will continue to pay CASBU members in the event of a strike, even their classes are suspended.

Any portion of your teaching that would normally take place on the North Bay campus would be suspended during a strike.

No. The university has suspended all on-campus classes, and we need to respect their right to make that choice.

CASBU Members can demonstrate their support for FASBU in a number of ways, including:

  • Being informed. Learn the issues, learn the facts.
  • Tweeting and Facebooking messages of support;
  • Wearing buttons of support;
  • Honking, waving, or offering a thumbs up as you enter the university;
  • Accepting strike pamphlets when offered;
  • Donating coffees, etc. to picketers,
  • Joining FASBU on the picket line whenever possible
  • Other