Day 2-News from the Picket Line #4

Thank you students! Your support means everything to us. If people would like to show their support, please complete the “Strike Support Form” at the top of this page. With a few clicks you can let the Nipissing University Board of Governors know NUFA wants to reach a fair and equitable settlement and return to the classroom!


Day 2-News from the Picket Line #3

The students brought a catering truck to provide food and drinks to the picketers, but they placed it on university property. The Employer decided that was a no-no and told them to remove it. I guess the message to we strikers is…NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!


But no worries….we had many amazing students, parents, and even a few administrators drop off food for us and we say THANK YOU!!

IMG_1889 IMG_1891