Day 15-News from the Picket Line

It’s Friday and the business day starts again. Executive Assistant Angela Fera controls the megaphone while President Susan Srigley is an Angry Bird!!

IMG_20151118_095940 2           IMG_2282

A few supporters drop by with some cheques. Thank you!


It’s Friday and the flying pickets are back to support us once again. They lift the spirits and remind us that you have to take the long view.
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You really never know what you’ll see on the picket line. Rollerskiers glide on by!

Here we have two of our favourite Brantford professors singing “The Picket Line Blues” (left), with the Brantford gang posing with some supportive staff members (right).
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We have so many great pics in our collection so here are a few from past days too good to pass up sharing.
IMG_2247      IMG_2246
Biology Department City of North Bay Clean-up Crew - 2